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  38. serial wideband
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  42. BBL Pids???'s
  43. logging pids
  44. V2 Screen goes blank and/or temp values go to 32 deg
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  51. My LC1 is toast. Anyone using an AEM with BBL?
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  68. Please help
  69. FUELQ_MAIN_DMA doesn't show up
  70. bbl/scan/tune lock out
  71. Error: $0183: Invalid Folder.
  72. Curious about Allison 6 speed solenoid logging
  73. how do i get these to work?
  74. Ben
  75. After the newest update can anyone else not get PID descriptions
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  82. log serial wideband
  83. logging
  84. PIDS not there
  85. BBL is quiting before I ask it to.
  86. bbl cant load tunes to truck???
  87. HAPI error, Access violation at adress 005A56B4 in modul EFILive_Hapi.exe.
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  89. little help loading tune
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  105. Newbie HELP
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  107. what plugs and pins needed for AEM UEGO TO v2
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  110. Firmware Option Request
  111. Request For Clarification On BBL PIDs
  112. bbx wont read the engine tune
  113. flashing yellow lights.
  114. how do you transfer or create a Pid from 7.5 to BBL
  115. BB Logging shows O2 voltages, but logged file doesn't in V7.5?
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  126. ECMPILOT1MT is all I get when trying to Black Box
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  128. Can you not log ECM and TMC at the same time?
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  130. full BBL support for newer controllers?
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  132. Logged E40.SCALEDCORVE_DMA won't display in V7.5 Scan Tool
  133. need lots of help to log my truck
  134. Anologue AD input mA range
  135. pid for monotoring coil pack performance ?
  136. GM.BOOST_DMA not available as a BBL PID for E60 controller?
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  142. File Locations
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  145. Help please
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  148. Preloading Maps
  149. log file names
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  151. Eops
  152. how can i play logs from a previous firmware
  153. Calculated pids
  154. E86b Unknown PID's
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  158. please help with BBL
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  162. Black Box info
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  169. "S1" 12 Volt Switch for Remote Start Stop Logging
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