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  1. Writing to a brand spanking new E37 ECM
  2. Is there any way to run two DBW TBs on an E67 ECU?
  3. MAF wont fail for VVE tuning
  4. WOT, 6,000rpm, 13.5psi and 39.5* spark!!!?!?!?!?
  5. E38 - How to smooth out Idle/Low RPM - MAF only?
  6. Tuned my first E38 (G8 GT 6.0)
  7. Ok guys I need some help
  8. Can't connect to newer model vehicles..
  9. E67 and A/C clutch request
  10. VE a6 to m6 conversion help
  11. 2012 vette grand sport shifting problems after reflash
  12. Speed Limiter E37
  13. I need to lie to my ECM
  14. code p0604
  15. E38 Tune, help with AFM
  16. Enable flex fuel with 800+ rwhp?
  17. Do these ECUs really do Spark Cut
  18. Is there a parameter that specifies the position of the Oxygen sensor? E38
  19. Odd swap feasability question.
  20. 2.2 Ecotec e37 stand alone
  21. Trying to understand the air PIDS - could use some guidance
  22. E38 Speedometer Correction
  23. 2012 ZL1 Camaro Tune
  24. KOEO check engine lamp flashing- E67 GMPP ECM
  25. OS 12647991 TCS Patch
  26. Where to get e67 ECU pins
  27. E38 Serial number
  28. E38 Cranking Issues
  29. e38 NO SPARK, NO FUEL PULSE WHEN CRANKING...please help!
  30. Moddifying Throttle Open Rate Limits
  31. '12 E67 - No Start after flash and P0606
  32. "E37 Vats disable help"
  33. "2.2 ecotec E37 stand alone No START"
  34. Preferred E38/E67 Combo(s)
  35. 08 Tahoe 2000-3000 rpm dead spot
  36. Can't read ecm
  37. IAT2 Spark Table on Supercharged Cars?
  38. Would you trust the factory E67 for a 1500HP build?
  39. DCFO Minimum idle airflow desired Coastdown speed
  40. LY6 swap on Monte Carlo wont start
  41. need help with 102 tb
  42. No response idle issue please help!
  43. G8-Camaro cal swap
  44. 69 camaro e38 ecm compatibility question
  45. Commanded fuel pressure Question
  46. E67 and VSS - Removal of the TCM for manual transmission
  47. E67-How do I get the Transmission tables?
  48. What PID does the E67 use to log Absolut Throttle Position %?
  49. help with map and pids
  50. Data Logging an 09 GMC tuned with HP Tuners - Problems
  51. Looking for some help with rear o2's
  52. 2012 ZR1 Reduced Engine Power
  53. Question on 2011 Camaro V6
  54. CTS-V Question
  55. Checksum Issue
  56. 07' Silverado. Deleting DOD with EFI Live?
  57. Manual Trans Rev Limit E38, 2010 Camaro?
  58. HELP! Twin Turbo C6Z has some knock issues
  59. need help tuning cars dies shortly after cranking
  60. E67 Timing issue
  61. When will EFILive support 2011-2012 Sierra 2500
  62. Cammed VE L98 after start enrichment issue
  63. After start up idle drop
  64. E67 B2517 TCS Throttle Limiter by Imput Speed?
  65. H0162 Vehicle Speed Output Signal 1
  66. Help with HOT start adjustment
  67. need 12617631 for stock A6 corvette
  68. After start cold enrichment reduction
  69. E67 Airflow/Boost Limits - CTS-V??
  70. Any Body have the stock file for this OS# 12605732 for 2006 C6 A6
  71. VATS patch didn't apply on a customer ECM, can I remotely full flash an E38 with AC?
  72. 2012 CTSV Maf scaling, open loop issues.
  73. INJPDELTA_DMA measurable range in N/A and boosted E67
  74. I'm looking for a paid tuner to OLSD tune a boosted e38 c6
  75. ECM Not Detected
  76. E38 Help... Clear codes & Car dies...
  77. Tune file for GMPP LS376/525
  78. e38. ls3 in 56 bel air. i'm going insane over this throttle problem.
  79. PE mode
  80. Why this truck not following the spark tables ?!!!!
  81. What is wrong with my car?
  82. Is there any COS for e38 other than the ethanol COS ?
  83. 2008 Boosted 950 hp E85 conversion LS3 Corvette lean PE pulse
  84. BARO on E67 for N/A cal that is boosted
  85. 2011 e 38 PCM code p0690 after flash
  86. 07 zo6 with eforce supercharger. Slow slow slow
  87. 2008 E38 Speed Density Tune for E85, Supercharged 950 rwhp LS3 Corvette....lean sp
  88. P0603 Code????
  89. new help my car is running super rich after 418 install
  90. Flash 09 LS7 E38 w/ 2010 Data??
  91. P2138/P2122 - Reduced Power Mode
  92. Injector data...its ALL what its cracked up to be!
  93. Weird Idle situation fixed, cammed l99 camaro ss.........
  94. 2009 chev 2500 hd speedo
  95. Need hypertech/efi cant do
  96. tuning e38 help
  97. Looking for a 2011 Corvette stock file
  98. E39 VE Auto Tuning
  99. Whats really in a good calibration.....
  100. What is the benefit of loging Octane scaler ?
  101. Need a manual tune file for E38 - Doing a conversion from 6L80E to TH400
  102. Has anyone got a base tune for LS 376/525 on E38?
  103. Cruise not working after calibration flash....two vehicles
  104. B1906 Knock Recovery Rate Question.
  105. Going from the stock 90mm TB to a NW 102 TB?
  106. what techniques used to deal with sensitive knock sensors in E38
  107. Any body have Whipple tune for 07-09 5.3 truck
  108. 2012 truck will not burnout?
  109. Hp tuners to Efi live
  110. E38 VE Tuning
  111. Anyone with an ecotec LE9 file
  112. 2010 Camaro went crazy on me three minutes before the dyno. What is going on?
  113. e38 l92 to 6l80e in rock crawler
  114. High RPM Cold Start P/N
  115. LS3 Swap, VSS, Stalling, speed control
  116. E78 extended crank, no idle/ throttle control pids
  117. Need 2006 Z06 stock tune OS 12602922
  118. C0807 and C0808
  119. E38 vs LS1
  120. Mega Meter - Mass Air Meter Almost Ready!!!
  121. 2006 zo6 reduce power
  122. 07' TBSS E67 set up for boost?
  123. E67 Tach signal pinout
  124. Swingy's VVE turorial
  125. B8024 and 8025 High Speed Mode
  126. E67 Rev Limit???
  127. How many channels could be logged in E38 without decreasing the resolution
  128. E38 Lambda tuning approach with LM-2
  129. Mefi5?
  130. B2804 Throttle Open Rate Limits
  131. DVT Idle Relearn
  132. Maf questions E38
  133. MAF - Can it be calibrated like VE on the street?
  134. 2012 Escalade E38 operating system not recognised ?
  135. E-Rod 5.3 can't read
  136. Need LS9 stock tune for injector data
  137. Bootloader Rejected Need HELP Please
  138. 2011 gmc can not get into the ecm
  139. 2011 gmc 2500 hd bootloader rejected ?
  140. B0138
  141. Speedometer Parameters (E67)
  142. Tuning changes going from 85mm MAF to LS7 or other 100mm MAF?
  143. Help a noob out
  144. os 01250230 tune
  145. Cannot change vin in 12633238 E38
  146. LS-7 problems?
  147. Having so many problems with this Zone tuning
  148. Variable speed fuel pumps?
  149. 2012 E38 VIN issue.
  150. Need help with e36
  151. Spark AirFlow Axis in other OS'?
  152. 2012 Camaro SS gear swap, speedo calibration?
  153. Intake Manifold Volume derived from what??
  154. auto VVE for stock engine ! ?
  155. Any body maxed LS7 injectors with cam/intake only
  156. Tire pressure monitor
  157. DIC/Cluster scaling factor with big injectors
  158. Weird problem with Rev Limiter
  159. 2013 Camaro READS
  160. Any body have the stock ZL1 tune file ?
  161. no tach 09 e38
  162. Popping noise under hard acceleration @ any RPM
  163. need a manual transmission e38 L92 tune (vvt) for OS 12614008
  164. LS7 E38 Ethanol Tables
  165. Coefficient Table A20 [RPM_Airflow] disection
  166. How do I convert Lambda to AFR?
  167. Stioichiometric AFR straight across the board?
  168. 08 Corvette Procharged. Fueling problems
  169. VVE Tuning MAP & RPM Boundries
  170. E38 for sale on the cheapz
  171. How do I setup a dashboard
  172. Need some help with vss and pnp input not working, please
  173. zl1 camaro,going to tune my first one tomorrow few questions
  174. Commaned A/F occasionally goes very lean at idle (E38 cammed G8)
  175. Need help with my first vve tune!
  176. 2013 Camaro E38 - Tuning and warranty
  177. how to remove the rev limiter for 2011 camaro
  178. LSA Lean during PE transition
  179. E38 octane scaler reset
  180. Which PID with E38 ecm to show 100% throttle position at WOT
  181. E67 A6 CTS-V does not shift 6th under wot
  182. A6 standalone wiring tap shift?
  183. 2010 camaro vve delete/cam...cant break tires
  184. Invalid Calibration Problem with E38
  185. Need help with Readiness Monitors
  186. Harrop Hurricane MAF vs Speed Density
  187. 2009 Z06 E38 Runaway throttle with AC on only but AC torque compensation is off!
  188. 06 E38 LS2 Corvette with 6l80e unwanted throttle blip on downshift
  189. 2010 A6 Corvette Transmission in 2007 Corvette Model
  190. E38 Conversion questions.
  191. 2012 GS A6 Cammed brake tq management at idle with TC on, how to eliminate please?
  192. Looking for some pointers on maf tuning.
  193. Weird spark issue.
  194. Missing Serial Number
  195. maps are not mapping
  196. mystery rev limiter driving me nuts
  197. Catalyst System Low Efficiency
  198. E67 ECM Lambda
  199. Scanner set up query?
  200. Problem with E67 GMPP Controller
  201. Runaway throttle and throttle sticking, what tables can affect this?
  202. Throttle hang. E38 from an automatic now on a manual T-56
  203. e38 possible bad ecm?
  204. 80# Deka Injector help. 2006 Corvete.
  205. VATS removal
  206. cant read e38
  207. Scaledcorve
  208. GMPP LS3/7 Controller (E67) No Communication
  209. how do you command richer than 9.79 in pe?
  210. Redline motorsports beta testing the injector dynamics 1300cc injectors
  211. e38 6.2L conversion from 5.3L timing bounce in park only not drive XXX
  212. 4L80 conversion on 6L80 vechile, no speedo
  213. Hot start issues
  214. hpt cos
  215. GMPP LS3 19258271 Unrecognized...
  216. E38 Tune Adjustments
  217. Looking for a cammed LS3 tune file
  218. Lookin for Stock Magnuson tvs1900 calibration for 2009+ Escalade
  219. Request for E38 log data
  220. Cylinder Volume of a 403
  221. Need a Stock 07'+ Z06 BIN?
  222. E38 Airflow for Gear Selection
  223. 2008 Corvette LS3 (E38 ECU) MAF sensor + housing = 1878.3497 g/s @ 15,000 Hz
  224. B1209 - Injector Correction MAP/Vac Selection
  225. 2.4 Solstice tune
  226. E38 help
  227. Could any body help me to understand Open loop commanded tabels B0141-B0148
  228. cammed LS3 Surging on auto downshift
  229. Getting message "CASE not supported in this controller" for E67
  230. Maf is erratic ?
  231. Reduced power mode at 217 degrees
  232. E38 LS7 Idle AFR drifting
  233. Running Discrete Fan with Vette Tune
  234. E38 Street Sweeper no start / no crank signal
  235. Any way to make E38/E67 correct injector flowrate when in boost?
  236. So, WTF is going on with my EFI Live?
  237. Perameters to change the MAP sensor settings?
  238. IAT 2 Timing correction tables e67 ??????
  239. Fuel System Monitor will not Ready
  240. OS Compatibility Question
  241. E38 Calc Ben requires fixing?
  242. B8010 Intake Cam Filter
  243. G8 Trans tuning (6L80 t43)
  244. Total new guy in search of bare basics tutorial?
  245. E67 Canyon VATS disable
  246. Setting efi live to display AFR units?
  247. E38 Corvette DBW Tuning Questions
  248. 07-10 E37 2.2 cobalt boosted?
  249. Is Camaro 2014 V8 still E38?
  250. Trouble tuning my 2.9 Whipple Superchared L99 Camaro SS with a BBK 95 mm Throttlebody