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  1. Please Read First
  2. EFI Connection "24x" System and LS1 PCM for Early Small-Block Chevy
  3. EFI Connection "24x" System and LS1 PCM for LT1/LT4 Engines
  4. EFI Connection 24x Electronic TPI/LT1 Drive-by-Wire Throttle Bodies
  5. Modern TPI Engine
  6. Mounting LS Coils on Gen 1 and Gen 2 SBC
  7. Conquering Park/Neutral Signal and Gear Selector Switch (PNP)
  8. Another successful swap!
  9. LS1 PCM puts the MEFI4 to shame
  10. cam/crank correlation with vortec dist?
  11. 24x conversion questions
  12. Holden V8 - reluctor 24x with LS1 PCM
  13. cable to DBW swap?
  14. Knock sensor wiring
  15. GENIII 4wd to 2wd conversion
  16. E38 pwm cooling fan control
  17. Coil Brackets - Small Block Chevy and LT1
  18. DTC screen?
  19. tow/haul mode?
  20. 8.1L Vortec/Allison 5sp install into 56 Ford Victoria (info Needed)
  21. Billet LT1 Timing Cover - Clears Double Row Timing Chain
  22. Carbureted LT1 Runs on LS1 PCM
  23. Billet SBC Timing Cover
  24. OmniTuner DUAL-FLASH
  25. 58x for SBC, BBC, and LT1/LT4
  26. LS2 into 1983 Mercedes 380 SEC
  27. EFI Connection...you're killing me!
  28. Big Block Ram Jet and E38 (LS3) ECM
  29. ls1 to t700 converter lockup
  30. New Innovate LM2 interfacing with EFI live?
  31. Ls3 swap questions
  32. 2007 4.3L V6 swap - learning curve help please!
  33. PCM Conversion Information
  34. GM Performance Crate Motors
  35. Wiring L92 with O2 sensors
  36. New engine reving problem
  37. Help find Delphi Connector
  38. First tune record - help a newbie
  39. Controlling Toyota's 2JZ with a LL8/E67 harness/ecm?
  40. GMPP LS3 with GMPP Controller Tacho control
  41. Turning on the alternator sooner
  42. JEEP 4.0L engine to GM PCM?
  43. The NEW Mass Air Flow sensor
  44. E38 stand alone dyno video
  45. Catching "Reduced Power" Mode for Conversions
  46. Wide band recommendation that plugs into V2
  47. First outing with new rear end
  48. EFI Connection Tap Signal Interface
  49. EFI Connection Cruise Control Signal Interface
  50. Throttle Body Swap
  51. New fuel pump pids
  52. 02 meter - can it work with V2?
  53. O2 Help
  54. EFI Connection Fully Modular Programming System - Coming Soon
  55. Is this possible?
  56. lq9 engine transplant
  57. Swap Vortec 5.7 for LT1? Control with 411?
  58. L92 swap help needed
  59. Engine Conversions and Park/Neutral Signal
  60. 05 Hummer/55 Chev conversion..
  61. What changes or adjustments are needed for early transmission swaps???
  62. 2006 miata L33 & GTO pcm/harness swap?
  63. vss sensor function with a manual transmission.
  64. dbw to cable TB
  65. UK Project BMW E46 357ci V8
  66. LS1 PCM on a 96 LT1 turbo motor.
  67. Newbe; project Nissan 4x4 with LS1-4L65E
  68. E40 stand alone??
  69. Replacing a 6L80 with a 4L80 in pontiac G8 - E38 controller
  70. piggyback an E40 PCM onto a WK grand cherokee computer
  71. 2000 Silverado 4.3 swap to a 5.3 from 2004 donor Silverado
  72. 5.3L L59 Flex Fuel to 6.0L LQ9 tuning help...what all to change??
  73. 2004 GMC 6.0 4L80E & manual Transfer into 1978 Ford F-100...Trans????'s
  74. Options for digital gauges
  75. 2009 Silverado 4.3l/4l60 to a 6.2/4l80 engine/trans swap = ABS lite
  76. gmpp tune file- ls3 e-rod os 19257233
  77. LQ4 cable throttle with manual trans - need tune
  78. How to communicate with swapped pcm to tune?
  79. TCC and VSS in swap project
  80. 200-4r / 700r4 Converter lockup question
  81. Weird Fuel pump problems....
  82. E67 Tach signal pinout
  83. Crank/Cam Trigger questions
  84. 5.3/SM465 swap problems
  85. Dakota Digital VSS
  86. dbw lq4/t56 magnum swap in 93 lightning 2 bar custom os question
  87. E39 Camaro v6 as a swap transplant?
  88. Solution for p2534 limp mode transmission on engine swaps
  89. Help a newbie with tune after Cam upgrade
  90. Wondering if this will work?? Colorado LSA 6 speeds transmission
  91. 6l80e on older PCM ('03 Silverado)
  92. New 24x and 58x for SBC and 4.3L V6
  93. E40 to E67 conversion
  94. Grand National LC2 with a modern PCM
  95. 1963 Rambler 660 with a 2001 5.3
  96. DBW 4150 carb intake?
  97. swapping dash clusters
  98. New Gen III LS-Series Book - EFILive Screen Shots Throughout
  99. best year e38 ecm for swap
  100. 24x SBC and LT1 Conversions with both CKP and CMP in Timing Cover
  101. Restore 56 Chevy Truck, adding GenIII V8
  102. Enable Tap UP Tap Down in Engine SWAPs using corvette tcm tune and external switchs
  103. Conversion: 1988 Chevrolet K5 Blazer 5.7L/700r4 to 2002 Tahoe 5.3L/4L60
  104. 411 AC and cooling fan issue
  105. Flashing MIL after 24x conversion
  106. ECM/TCM Compatibility Problem
  107. Engine cranks over while in the Run position
  108. Fuel Pump won't work.. but car runs fine with relay bridged?
  109. E38 4000 PPM VSS Output
  110. delete corvette LS1 DBW
  111. E37 Bench harness Pins
  112. E67 ECMs Listing
  113. Warren P59 style PCM with CAN (aka GMLAN)
  114. beginner help with gears and tires
  115. Changing shift solenoid outputs?
  116. 6L80E VSS settings
  117. DBW - DBC conversion 08 VE Commodore (E38 ECU)
  118. LS1 Straw Blower/Mulcher Conversion
  119. GM 5.3 in a Jeep?
  120. LS1 PCM in a LT1 Car... changing firing order
  121. latest trailblazer year using E67 serial data and correct signals for cruise control
  122. GM MDI Module
  123. Cylinder Bank Assignment for LT1 24X swap
  124. Dakota Digital 16K per mile vss
  125. L76 e38 into Cobra Replica - Fan and Speedo Bugs.
  126. 2009 Colorado Facotry V8 5.3L (LH8) to 6.2L (L92) and 6L80e?
  127. E80 1.5L LFV Dyno controller
  128. 2004 Turbo Silverado PlEASE HELP!!
  129. NOOB needs 0411 boosted conversion help/advice.
  130. 12216125 os current for 4l60e need match for 80e segment swap
  131. 4l80 swap with frost harness without segment swap
  132. How do you build a Spark Table from scratch?
  133. L98 6l80 e38 conversion in to jeep wrangler
  134. E40 ECM E38 Software
  135. 12216125 OS Auto to Manual trans segment swap
  136. 4wd 4L60/np241 OSS vs VSS HELP
  137. Does the 411 ECM care whether it's a Corvette or a truck TAC?
  138. E67 VS 0411 opinions
  139. B3704 Injector assignments, just for clarification please.
  140. 12208322 manual trans segment swap
  141. Is this Traction Control kicking in?
  142. Garrett VGT Swap
  143. Single plane manifold VE MAP
  144. Bought 2nd hand ECU from wreackers and has $0537 error.
  145. 12216125 OS with MT from Mexico?
  146. LS3 6 speed vs LT1 8 speed
  147. manual swap tune confusion
  148. L33 in a jeep yj with a th400 cant get over 75% throttle
  149. PCM OS to EPA vs California Emissions
  150. 2007 2500 suburban efan conversion
  151. 4L60 to 4L80 2002 Silverado 5.3 DBW 12212156
  152. LS3 E67 with 6L80E Conversion
  153. 2013 ctsv lsa and 6l90 harness info needed please