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  1. Transposing tables
  2. Drag and Drop
  3. Selecting Cells
  4. Searching
  5. Scripting - automating tasks in the V8 editor
  6. Precision and Rounding
  7. FIXED: Addressing of internal EFILive Editable Axis tables
  8. VE table units
  9. V8 Scan Tool Wish List
  10. V8 Scan Tool - Display Calc PID's on Charts
  11. Gib ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ E47 Support
  12. Segment Swap in V8 Editor
  13. Creating DSP5 Changes
  14. V8 Editor for E92 Controllers
  15. V8 Scanner setup
  16. Missing DTC
  17. Linking Scan Tool To Editor
  18. V8 LBZ Editor Problems?
  19. 2018 L83 5.3 Install
  20. Runway lighting with V8 Editor
  21. Updated to Version: 8.3.3 now issues with fuel pressure tables
  22. Speedo calculator/corrector
  23. Checksum issue.
  24. VATS Patch process the same?
  25. Question about V8 Scan and Tune
  26. Cell tracking between V8 Tune file and V8 Scan
  27. CM2200 Base file Edit Error
  28. V8 Tune Tool Errors
  29. Which segment controls alternator charging? LML Dmax
  30. V8 Tune Tool More Errors
  31. Annoying pop up window asking for new auth code
  32. V8 LS1B vs E38
  33. Cant connect LS1B with new V8 software
  34. Spark Tables display Hex Values
  35. V8 / V3 flashscan VE datalog and tuning help
  36. Any plans to access FPCM
  37. L98 in Nissan Patrol
  38. Tune Speedo params mis-matched V8 to V7.5
  39. restore base file
  40. TIS conversion for E41 and E90 controllers
  41. CCM controller, specifically C7 corvette
  42. Bosch 4 Bar Map Sensor
  43. E67 to E38 Migration
  44. Error when editing a tune.