View Full Version : Lmm dsp parameters (wired to serial)?

July 14th, 2011, 03:02 AM
Hello All,

I just purchased my EFI Live and Edge Insight CTS for my 07.5 LMM Duramax. I have installed the insight (EGT probe scheduled for this weekend) and have gained some familiarization with the EFI Live. I have saved my stock tune and my previous modified tunes to my EFI Live files, converted for use on my scanner, configured my scanner for use as stand alone and pass through, and collected some data from my truck's ECM for the past two days.

I have also converted my prior tunes to DSP5 operating system but I have been unable to change the DSP parameters from wired to serial in order for my Insight CTS to interface with the tunes. Anyone have any ideas?

If anyone is brand new to this process and not sure how to get started, let me know if I can help. This has been a full time job for me during these past two days! I can share some links from different websites that have helped me...

Thanks a bunch!


July 14th, 2011, 04:24 AM
Hi Scott, unfortunately the LBZ and LMMs cannot switch DSPx tunes with a FlashScan V2 (or an Insight). They can only do it via a hardwired switch. Serial DSPx tune switching is only available on the LB7 and LLY Duramax.

Glad you've got everything else setup though, sorry I have to be the bearer of bad news though. :(