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May 22nd, 2006, 05:39 PM
I just upgraded to Flashscan Personal from EFILive Pro. After doing some reading on this forum I now more clearly see the advantages of spending the extra $150 for the Commercial version. In the mean time can I still modify my current GM factory OS which is a 2004 with the Personal version? I also have a 99 Silverado and am wondering if I can upgrade the 99 factory GM OS to more current GM OS with the Personal version or if I need the Commercial version to do this update. I have modified both of these motors with StageII heads, Comp camshafts, 1.85 Pro Mag rollers and long tubes. They are strickly N/A and I plan to keep them that way at least for the near future so I'd like to get an OS the is N/A compatable.

May 22nd, 2006, 06:17 PM
To install a custom operating system in a PCM, you need to perform a full flash. You need the Commercial version to perform a full flash. So yes basically you do need a Commercial version to install a custom OS.

Meanwhile, you can tune the stock OS's with the Personal version just fine.

If you are not going forced induction, then I recommend the Speed Density custom OS.

You need to upgrade your '99 PCM operating system with an '01 custom operating system. For example, I upgraded my stock 2000 OS (9381344) to custom OS 01290003, even though I am running NA - I just like "03" better - especially the B3647 table for fuel control.

Be aware that you cannot copy your tune/calibration from the 99/00 PCM into an upgraded custom OS. You'll need to do that manually using copy/paste features of the EFILive Tuning Tool. So if you intend to tune your 99 first as a stock operating system, take copious notes of what you changed so you can re-do it in any upgraded custom OS that you might install later.

Custom OS numbers are made up of: the first 2 digits are the year "01", the next 4 are the operating system identifer, the last two are the EFILive custom OS version number "03".

Custom OS V "01" is the speed density.
Custom OS V "02" is the speed density + Valet Mode.
Custom OS V "03" is the speed density + Valet Mode + Forced induction.
* Custom OS V "04" is the speed density + Nitrous.
* Custom OS V "05" is the speed density + Throttle based VE table.

* I'm pretty sure the last two are still in the testing phase and are not publicly available yet.