View Full Version : 2004 Turbo Silverado PlEASE HELP!!

December 3rd, 2016, 10:52 PM
OK SO I am still having problems with Idling especially coming to a stop its always dying. The other big problem is that as soon as it starts to go into boost it starts making a cutting out or something. Now keep in mind and what is so frustrating to me is that a month and a half ago It was running so good and making tons of boost (more that I wanted it to make so I was reducing the boost little by little until I got just under 10psi. I then drove it about 60miles and it through connecting rods through the side of the engine and a couple through the bottom and this was way after the high boost and I just had the cruise set for the trip down to kc when this happened but it ran flawlessly. then I find another engine and since I had already ordered a comp cam turbo cam I went ahead and installed that while it was on the engine stand. I also used the factory 317's, new gaskets. now every since I got this engine I have done all the checking I can think of as far as making sure each plug is firing, to a new crank sensor, fuel pressure... Last night I actually pulled the front off the engine and made sure he marks still were lined up. I am just out of Ideas Someone or several people take A little time out of your life to graph my data log and if you feel like you found the problem go ahead and fix it and send it back and will see if that was the problem PLEASE!!! Sincerely, Bryan