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February 25th, 2017, 09:21 AM
I responded to another thread, but it was an older thread in the BBL forum section, it seemed a bit more appropriate to open a thread in the V1 section here in hopes that someone can advise me on what I am doing wrong.

I have been away from the tuning side of things for a very long time, but I bought an EFILive cable early on and I have used it to 'scan' this truck before, but I have never read out (downloaded) the PCM to this point. I have installed eFans and I am trying to activate them on the computer by making the necessary changes and I have an error when the read hits 13%, specifically the following:

14:06:58.661: Scanning for EFILive FlashScan V1 USB
14:06:58.678: Autodetect interface ...
14:06:58.748: Interface firmware version: 1.2.17
14:06:58.751: Connection to [FSP] interface is OK
14:06:58.787: Interface firmware model: FSP
14:06:58.805: Interface firmware version: 1.2.17
14:06:58.824: Interface firmware date: Jan 18, 2005
14:06:58.844: FlashScan serial number: 003480755323
14:06:58.870: Disconnecting ...
14:06:58.889: Disconnected
14:06:59.576: Scanning for EFILive FlashScan V1 USB
14:06:59.590: Autodetect interface ...
14:06:59.656: Interface firmware version: 1.2.17
14:06:59.660: Connection to [FSP] interface is OK
14:06:59.664: Current protocol set to: "SAE J1850 VPW"
14:06:59.668: Autodetect PCM...
14:06:59.729: Connection to PCM is OK
14:06:59.733: Current protocol: "SAE J1850 VPW"
14:06:59.772: Interface firmware model: FSP
14:06:59.792: Interface firmware version: 1.2.17
14:06:59.813: Interface firmware date: Jan 18, 2005
14:06:59.834: FlashScan serial number: 003480755323
14:06:59.938: Getting status...
14:06:59.978: Status: OK.
14:07:00.911: Bootloader version: LS1B_v1.7R (04DA-6638)
14:07:00.915: Preparing PCM for reading flash...
14:07:00.962: PCM seed is: $4E77
14:07:00.966: Unlock attempt 1 of 1
14:07:01.110: Initializing PCM...
14:07:01.916: Initializing PCM, step 1 of 4
14:07:01.920: Initializing PCM, step 2 of 4
14:07:02.727: Initializing PCM, step 3 of 4
14:07:02.731: Initializing PCM, step 4 of 4
14:07:03.179: Initializing bootloader...
14:07:03.645: Initializing bootloader, step 1 of 3
14:07:04.358: Initializing bootloader, step 2 of 3
14:07:05.071: Initializing bootloader, step 3 of 3
14:07:05.575: PCM ready for reading flash.
14:07:05.710: Intel AB28F800B - 1MB
14:07:14.684: Error: Failed. Controller has returned to normal operation, please retry the operation.
14:07:15.373: Total time: 00:08
14:07:15.403: Rebooting PCM... (please wait up to 8 seconds)
14:07:16.560: PCM has booted successfully...
14:07:17.565: Clear emisison related DTCs...
14:07:17.605: Clear DTCs for all modules...
14:07:18.470: Disconnecting ...
14:07:18.490: Disconnected
14:07:26.582: Done!

More than likely it's operator error on my part as I've been away so long but would be helpful to be able to download and alter this PCM.. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Oh I almost forgot here is some additional information:

I downloaded and installed the latest version of EFILive this morning.

World Manufacturer Index 1GC General Motors Chevrolet Light Truck - USA
Year of manufacture 3 2003
Model K1 Full Size Truck 4x4, 1500 (1/2 ton)
Engine V LR4
Engine size V 4.8 litre V8 MFI
Body 4 Two Door Cab
GVWR E 6001-7000
Plant Z Fort Wayne, IN
Sequence 343823 343823

VIN 1GCEK14V93Z343823
Serial 0HA0AJMF3149
Hardware 12580786
Operating System 12579405
Calibration 12582603
Operating System 12579405
Engine Calibration 12577871
Engine Diagnostics 12579428
Transmission Calibration 12585422
Transmission Diagnostics 12570845
Fuel System 12578354
System 12572573
Speedometer 12572527

February 25th, 2017, 11:56 AM
Are you using a laptop with a USB3 port? Try using a USB2 port, I've had issues with some USB3. Also try a different USB cable if you can.

Looks like Paul replied to the other thread, try unchecking the High speed option and send him the trace file.

February 25th, 2017, 12:46 PM
Are you using a laptop with a USB3 port? Try using a USB2 port, I've had issues with some USB3. Also try a different USB cable if you can.

Looks like Paul replied to the other thread, try unchecking the High speed option and send him the trace file.

Hey Scarab Epic, how are things going? It's been a long time since I chatted with you, I just noticed in my PM folder the conversation we were having about getting a Trailblazer 4.2L PCM to run on a BMW I6 engine.. That was a while ago for sure glad to see you're still around and as it appears, as helpful as ever.

Related to this issue, I posted a little hastily over here because I was unsure the 10 year old thread would get answers in the other forum section. Anyhow the EFILive guys never fail to impress, on a Saturday afternoon Paul chimed in and asked for these files, I sent them and he provided an ever hasty response that fixed the problem. I just wish that the rest of the world was as efficient as the guys here on this forum !

The problem ended up being an issue related the radio that was installed in the truck. Apparently the previous owner installed a single din POS Sony radio that was combined with a pass thru chime module. Well this is apparently causing 'dirty traffic' on the bus and causing my issue. Paul recommended I pull the fuse for the radio and this indeed fixed the problem.

Once again, I received excellent service that was highly appreciated. My e-fans are in, the PCM is reflashed to see them.. Now I just need to figure out why they are cycling and I'll be golden !

Thank you everyone !

February 26th, 2017, 06:36 PM
Hey Todd, good to see you're around again! Yes, I recall that PM chain, been a few years now I think!

Glad you got it resolved and the PCM flashed.