View Full Version : 1.4T Cruze codes after intake and tune

June 22nd, 2021, 12:34 AM
2016 Cruze CLASSIC (1st gen)

1.4t has a high boost tune and zzp intake

runs well and I'm pretty sure I've seen the 1101 before set due to intake

The other two codes I'm wondering if I caused it with the tune?

Codes are:

P0121 - Throttle Position Sensor 1 Performance
P0236 - Turbocharger Boost Sensor Performance
P1101 - Intake Air Flow System Performance

I can upload the tune later today when I grab my other laptop. Just looking for general information. For now, I will block the codes and observe that it continues to run well but I'd like to learn the process that causes these codes to trip so I can possibly smooth out the file and not have these set over stupidities.