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February 25th, 2022, 08:10 AM
Hello, I have been using a wideband and including it in my data log information for my LBZ Duramax. When I first started using this setup I had no issues. Within the last couple of months, I haven't been able to get usable data into the Datalog. It will randomly start dropping to zero and showing false data. I initially suspected faulty wiring. I have verified that the connections are all good and I don't have any wiring issues. This took a long time, but now I have finally pinpointed the issue to be the flashscan v3 while datalogging. I have confirmed that I get good data when connecting the wo2 serial output directly to the PC and I can even get the flashscan to show good clean data if I just do the following: plug the flashscan into serial and obd2, then go to scan tool, data logging, display wo2. This will give me good data. As soon as I start a data log that includes the ecm data, that's when I have issues and the afr starts bouncing back and forth to zero.

I'm not sure if this is a hardware issue, or if there was a software update that is causing the issue. Please let me know what other information would be helpful. I've been working at this for the last month hoping I could fix it with simple wiring fix, but that wasn't the case.


February 25th, 2022, 08:30 AM
Ensure you are using the latest software and V3 firmware, available here: https://forum.efilive.com/showthread.php?30602-January-2022-V8-3-18-Public-Release

If that does not fix the problem, then immediately after you observe the erratic wide band data, stop the data log, save the log file and save the following three trace files:

The *.htx trace file from the EFILive Control Panel on the PC.
The *.xalm trace file from the V3 using the option: Scan Tool -> F3: Scan Options -> F1: Save Trace File
The *.bin trace file from the V3 using the option: Scan Tool -> F3: Scan Options -> F1: Save COM Data

Then use EFILive Explorer to copy the *.xalm and *.bin files from the "Trace" folder on the FlashScan to your PC.

Then create a support ticket here: https://service.efilive.com/new-ticket
And attach all three trace files and the *.pld data log file.