View Full Version : Moates ALDU1, 8192 baud, and v4 issues.

February 18th, 2008, 05:22 AM
Hopefully you guys can help me out.

Here's what I have:
A 95 Bonneville with a L36 (95+ n/a 3.8 ) running on a $5B ID (94-95 L67 supercharged 3.8 ). I've been tuning with TunerCATs and an Ostrich 1.0.

It runs good and I have been able to use my Actron cp9110 without issue.

I just bought the ALDU1 and CABL2 Combo from Moates.net to use with EFILive v4.

Right now I only have the trial version of v4..

When I plug in the ALDU1 to my laptop, it can see the interface.

When I plug in the ALDU1 to my OBD2 style plug, it connects but then it cannot see the interface.

I selected the correct vehicle that goes with my ID, and I set both the driver and the program to COM port 2. COM port 2 is also not in use by anything else.

EFILive v4 just dosen't seem to want to work with the ALDU1..

I do know of one other person that is using EFILive v4 with the same style pcm but they built their own interface with a max 232 chip..

Does anyone have suggestions?

February 18th, 2008, 08:19 AM
Have you contacted Moates? It sounds like there may be a config/setup problem with the interface cable.


Craig Moates
February 18th, 2008, 08:31 AM
Try setting it up to COM5 in the driver and software, and also set your latency timer in the driver settings down to 1 mS.

Other than that, it should work fine. The switch position should not matter, but put it in the 'open' or 'middle' position.

There are some software settings within EFI Live V4 that you'll want to play with, I'll leave it to Paul to elaborate on that.

February 18th, 2008, 09:48 AM
Thanks for the replies.

After I changed both the driver and v4 to used COM port 5, and changed the latency timer to 1 ms, it now sees the interface and detects chatter at the same time. But, I still cannot 'Start aldl'.

Below is what I am getting, maybe it will help?

05:20.875: Check vehicle interface...
05:20.886: Waiting for Aldl bus silence of at least 50ms...
05:21.002: Requesting Max232 interface to acknowlege: $FF,$55,$AC...
05:21.014: Max232 interface detected OK

05:21.016: Scanning for heartbeat and chatter frames...
05:21.016: Waiting for Aldl bus silence of at least 50ms...
05:22.236: Heartbeat frame:
05:22.236: 05:22.170: $A0,$55,$0B
05:22.236: Heartbeat frame is followed by 6ms of silence
05:22.236: Advisable value for T6 is 3ms

05:22.236: Chatter frame(s):
05:22.236: 05:22.176: $A1,$56,$00,$09
05:22.236: 05:22.225: $90,$59,$1C,$02,$0C,$5D,$90
05:22.236: 05:22.235: $91,$59,$02,$08,$FF,$34,$D9

05:48.785: Start macro: Clear diagnostic trouble codes: CLRDTC
05:48.801: Error: Max232 echo: $20,$5C,$A4,$01,$00,$1C,$20,$00,$5F,$44 did not match command: $F4,$56,$08,$AE
05:48.831: Stop macro: Clear diagnostic trouble codes: CLRDTC

06:01.049: Start macro: Clear diagnostic trouble codes: CLRDTC
06:01.091: Resuming normal ALDL communications...
06:01.117: Stop macro: Clear diagnostic trouble codes: CLRDTC

The last two sections are from trying to Start aldl.

February 25th, 2008, 02:39 PM
Any other tips on reading data with EFILive v4??

February 25th, 2008, 04:01 PM
05:48.801: Error: Max232 echo: $20,$5C,$A4,$01,$00,$1C,$20,$00,$5F,$44 did not match command: $F4,$56,$08,$AE

Turn off the Max232 Echo checkbox in the Properties window and try again.
I'm pretty sure the Moates interface does not echo commands back to the PC like the Max232 interface does.

(Sorry, I meant to reply earlier...)


Craig Moates
February 25th, 2008, 05:41 PM
It should echo the same way the MAX232 does.

February 25th, 2008, 07:28 PM
It should echo the same way the MAX232 does.

Ok, then leave the Max232 echo checkbox checked.

You should try turning on the menu option: View->Show Serial IO, then attempt to start the ALDL data stream. You should get a more detailed output, please post that text here so we can see what is going wrong.


February 26th, 2008, 02:25 PM
I tried it with the echo off and it didn't work either..

I came back to post that, saw the last reply, and ran back out to get the more detailed log of what's happening.

Here is the log with the echo back on and Show Serial I/O selected:

46:48.010: Initialising...
46:48.849: Opening COM5 8228,8,N,1
46:49.351: Ready.
47:03.787: Start macro: Clear diagnostic trouble codes: CLRDTC
47:03.795: Heartbeat not specified - no synchronisation performed
47:03.795: Send suspend command: $F4,$56,$08,$AE
47:03.795: Start writing frame
47:03.795: Send: $F4,$56,$08,$AE
47:03.796: Finished writing frame
47:03.796: Wait 10 ms after writing, before reading...
47:03.806: Start reading frame
47:03.806: Aldl frame header byte: $34
47:03.806: Aldl frame length byte: $D9
47:04.006: Com timeout: Data frame truncated: $34,$D9,$20,$5C,$A8,$09,$00,$2A,$20,$00,$6A,$1F,$A 8,$56,$47,$BB,$A9,$5A,$55,$00,$00,$00,$FF,$A9,$90, $59,$24,$02,$0E,$5C,$87,$91,$59,$02,$08,$FF,$34,$D 9,$20,$5C,$A8,$09,$00,$2B,$20,$00,$6A,$1E,$90,$59, $24,$02,$0E,$5C,$87,$91,$59,$02,$08,$FF,$34,$D9,$2 0,$5C,$A8,$09,$00,$2C,$20,$00,$6A,$1D,$00,$00,$00, $00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$0 0,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00, $00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$0 0,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00, $00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00
47:04.062: Error: No echo received from MAX232
47:04.064: Start writing frame
47:04.064: Send: $F4,$57,$0A,$00,$AB
47:04.065: Finished writing frame
47:04.065: Wait 10 ms after writing, before reading...
47:04.075: Start reading frame
47:04.075: Aldl frame header byte: $90
47:04.075: Aldl frame length byte: $59
47:04.075: Recv: $90,$59,$24,$02,$0E,$5C,$87
47:04.075: Finished reading frame
47:04.075: Error: Max232 echo: $90,$59,$24,$02,$0E,$5C,$87 did not match command: $F4,$57,$0A,$00,$AB
47:04.100: Wait 10 ms after writing, before reading...
47:04.110: Start reading frame
47:04.110: Aldl frame header byte: $91
47:04.110: Aldl frame length byte: $59
47:04.110: Recv: $91,$59,$02,$08,$FF,$34,$D9
47:04.110: Finished reading frame
47:04.130: Stop macro: Clear diagnostic trouble codes: CLRDTC

Thanks for the replies. :)

February 26th, 2008, 02:45 PM
Which *.xml vehicle definition file are you using?

February 26th, 2008, 03:09 PM
I'm using the '1995 Pontiac Vin 1' xml file.

February 26th, 2008, 03:48 PM
Try changing your vehicle definition settings to the same as these images.


February 27th, 2008, 01:30 PM
I changed those particular settings and this is what I got:

51:51.211: Start macro: Clear diagnostic trouble codes: CLRDTC
51:51.226: Synchronising ALDL communications...
51:51.226: Waiting for heartbeat: $A1,$56
51:51.226: Waiting for Aldl bus silence of at least 20ms...
51:51.255: Start reading frame
51:51.300: Aldl frame header byte: $90
51:51.301: Aldl frame length byte: $59
51:51.307: Recv: $90,$59,$23,$02,$0E,$5D,$87
51:51.307: Finished reading frame
51:51.307: Frame: 0 = $90,$59,$23,$02,$0E,$5D,$87
51:51.307: Start reading frame
51:51.310: Aldl frame header byte: $91
51:51.312: Aldl frame length byte: $59
51:51.318: Recv: $91,$59,$02,$08,$FF,$34,$D9
51:51.318: Finished reading frame
51:51.318: Frame: 1 = $91,$59,$02,$08,$FF,$34,$D9
51:51.318: Start reading frame
51:51.325: Aldl frame header byte: $20
51:51.326: Aldl frame length byte: $5C
51:51.336: Recv: $20,$5C,$9E,$01,$00,$AF,$20,$00,$4C,$CA
51:51.336: Finished reading frame
51:51.336: Frame: 2 = $20,$5C,$9E,$01,$00,$AF,$20,$00,$4C,$CA
51:51.336: Start reading frame
51:51.400: Aldl frame header byte: $90
51:51.401: Aldl frame length byte: $59
51:51.407: Recv: $90,$59,$24,$02,$0E,$5D,$86
51:51.407: Finished reading frame
51:51.407: Frame: 3 = $90,$59,$24,$02,$0E,$5D,$86
51:51.407: Start reading frame
51:51.410: Aldl frame header byte: $91
51:51.411: Aldl frame length byte: $59
51:51.417: Recv: $91,$59,$02,$08,$FF,$34,$D9
51:51.417: Finished reading frame
51:51.417: Frame: 4 = $91,$59,$02,$08,$FF,$34,$D9
51:51.417: Start reading frame
51:51.425: Aldl frame header byte: $20
51:51.426: Aldl frame length byte: $5C
51:51.436: Recv: $20,$5C,$9E,$01,$00,$B0,$20,$00,$4C,$C9
51:51.436: Finished reading frame
51:51.436: Frame: 5 = $20,$5C,$9E,$01,$00,$B0,$20,$00,$4C,$C9
51:51.436: Start reading frame
51:51.499: Aldl frame header byte: $90
51:51.500: Aldl frame length byte: $59
51:51.506: Recv: $90,$59,$24,$02,$0E,$5D,$86
51:51.506: Finished reading frame
51:51.506: Frame: 6 = $90,$59,$24,$02,$0E,$5D,$86
51:51.506: Start reading frame
51:51.509: Aldl frame header byte: $91
51:51.510: Aldl frame length byte: $59
51:51.516: Recv: $91,$59,$02,$08,$FF,$34,$D9
51:51.516: Finished reading frame
51:51.516: Frame: 7 = $91,$59,$02,$08,$FF,$34,$D9
51:51.516: Start reading frame
51:51.524: Aldl frame header byte: $20
51:51.525: Aldl frame length byte: $5C
51:51.535: Recv: $20,$5C,$9E,$01,$00,$B1,$20,$00,$4C,$C8
51:51.535: Finished reading frame
51:51.535: Frame: 8 = $20,$5C,$9E,$01,$00,$B1,$20,$00,$4C,$C8
51:51.535: Start reading frame
51:51.550: Aldl frame header byte: $A8
51:51.551: Aldl frame length byte: $56
51:51.553: Recv: $A8,$56,$44,$BE
51:51.553: Finished reading frame
51:51.553: Frame: 9 = $A8,$56,$44,$BE
51:51.553: Start reading frame
51:51.556: Aldl frame header byte: $A9
51:51.557: Aldl frame length byte: $5A
51:51.565: Recv: $A9,$5A,$46,$00,$00,$00,$FF,$B8
51:51.565: Finished reading frame
51:51.565: Frame: 10 = $A9,$5A,$46,$00,$00,$00,$FF,$B8
51:51.565: Start reading frame
51:51.599: Aldl frame header byte: $90
51:51.600: Aldl frame length byte: $59
51:51.607: Recv: $90,$59,$25,$02,$0F,$5D,$84
51:51.607: Finished reading frame
51:51.607: Frame: 11 = $90,$59,$25,$02,$0F,$5D,$84
51:51.607: Start reading frame
51:51.609: Aldl frame header byte: $91
51:51.610: Aldl frame length byte: $59
51:51.616: Recv: $91,$59,$02,$08,$FF,$34,$D9
51:51.616: Finished reading frame
51:51.616: Frame: 12 = $91,$59,$02,$08,$FF,$34,$D9
51:51.616: Start reading frame
51:51.624: Aldl frame header byte: $20
51:51.625: Aldl frame length byte: $5C
51:51.635: Recv: $20,$5C,$9E,$01,$00,$B2,$20,$00,$4C,$C7
51:51.635: Finished reading frame
51:51.635: Frame: 13 = $20,$5C,$9E,$01,$00,$B2,$20,$00,$4C,$C7
51:51.635: Start reading frame
51:51.649: Aldl frame header byte: $A0
51:51.651: Aldl frame length byte: $55
51:51.652: Recv: $A0,$55,$0B
51:51.652: Finished reading frame
51:51.652: Frame: 14 = $A0,$55,$0B
51:51.652: Start reading frame
51:51.654: Aldl frame header byte: $A1
51:51.656: Aldl frame length byte: $56
51:51.658: Recv: $A1,$56,$00,$09
51:51.658: Finished reading frame
51:51.658: Frame: 15 = $A1,$56,$00,$09
51:51.658: Found heartbeat: $A1,$56,$00,$09 - ALDL synchronised
51:51.658: Send suspend command: $F4,$56,$08,$AE
51:51.658: Start writing frame
51:51.658: Send: $F4,$56,$08,$AE
51:51.659: Finished writing frame
51:51.659: Start reading frame
51:51.661: Aldl frame header byte: $F4
51:51.662: Aldl frame length byte: $56
51:51.664: Recv: $F4,$56,$08,$AE
51:51.664: Finished reading frame
51:51.664: MAX232 echo: $F4,$56,$08,$AE
51:51.664: Start reading frame
51:51.667: Aldl frame header byte: $F4
51:51.668: Aldl frame length byte: $56
51:51.671: Recv: $F4,$56,$08,$AE
51:51.671: Finished reading frame
51:51.671: Start writing frame
51:51.671: Send: $F4,$57,$0A,$00,$AB
51:51.672: Finished writing frame
51:51.672: Start reading frame
51:51.674: Aldl frame header byte: $F4
51:51.675: Aldl frame length byte: $57
51:51.678: Recv: $F4,$57,$0A,$00,$AB
51:51.678: Finished reading frame
51:51.678: MAX232 echo: $F4,$57,$0A,$00,$AB
51:51.678: Start reading frame
51:51.681: Aldl frame header byte: $F4
51:51.682: Aldl frame length byte: $56
51:51.685: Recv: $F4,$56,$0A,$AC
51:51.685: Finished reading frame
51:53.319: Resuming normal ALDL communications...
51:53.319: Send resume command: $F4,$56,$09,$AD
51:53.319: Start writing frame
51:53.319: Send: $F4,$56,$09,$AD
51:53.319: Finished writing frame
51:53.319: Start reading frame
51:53.321: Aldl frame header byte: $F4
51:53.323: Aldl frame length byte: $56
51:53.325: Recv: $F4,$56,$09,$AD
51:53.326: Finished reading frame
51:53.326: MAX232 echo: $F4,$56,$09,$AD
51:53.326: Start reading frame
51:53.328: Aldl frame header byte: $F4
51:53.330: Aldl frame length byte: $56
51:53.332: Recv: $F4,$56,$09,$AD
51:53.333: Finished reading frame
51:53.338: Stop macro: Clear diagnostic trouble codes: CLRDTC

Any more suggestions?

March 4th, 2008, 09:51 AM
Any more on this?

March 4th, 2008, 10:30 AM
That trace shows the clear DTC macro and it worked perfectly and would have cleared any DTCs.

You should try logging data now...
Click on the "Engine data and DTCs (DATADTC)" macro, then click on the green "Start ALDL data".

You may want to turn off the View->Serial I/O option as that will slow it down.


March 11th, 2008, 06:03 AM
It works!

Thanks a ton for the help guys.

Now I just have to pay for the license to get all the features. :)