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  1. Thank you ScarabEpic22!

    Thank you ScarabEpic22!
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    have you ever figured this out? I had a...

    have you ever figured this out?

    I had a similar issue, and my solution was to jump the wire for the front wheel speed sensor signal with the wire for the rear wheel speed sensor signal -...
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    LGH van - auxiliary fuel tank

    I installed an auxiliary fuel tank to my 2016 van. Is it possible to have the ECM control it? Could a segment swap from a cab&chassis tune be done? I really don't want to mount a manual switch in the...
  4. 2016 GMC Savana LGH Duramax with 9B9 70mph speed limit

    Looking to remove the 70mph electronic speed governor on this vehicle.
    Tried doing it through ACDelco helpdesk line and get the VCI#, but they refused to help due to vehicle having a salvage...
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