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    Im still having issues with $0503 errors on the...

    Im still having issues with $0503 errors on the AC3 devices with the newest update. Is there anything that I can try other then reinstalling the software and updating the firmware? It doesnt seem to...
  2. Anyone?

  3. Can someone help me with GM 8.1L Marine Injector Tuning

    Im looking for Injector data for 8.1 Marine Injectors. I tried using the 8.1 truck tables and scaling for the additional flow, but I was still having issues. It seemed close, but still had a stumble....
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    I used the 50LB FAST injectors and left stock...

    I used the 50LB FAST injectors and left stock values except for flow rate, which I just scaled as a percentage over the stock injectors. They are working without any issues. I called FAST about...
  5. Need 4L80E Help, slips then slams 1-2 shift

    This past week I did a cam swap in a 2005 Chev 2500 with 6.0 and 4L80E trans. The truck had a previous tune with HPTuners. It worked great. I wanted to use EFILive and my innovative wideband to do...
  6. Need Help with VVT cam tuning in Sierra Denali

    I've installed a Comp Cams VVT cam #271PHR14, 218/232, in a 2007 Sierra Denali along with their phaser limiter and im having a hard time with tuning. Constantly throws random P0300 codes, Cam Phaser...
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