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  1. WON Corvette Challenge Braket Series Championship today!

    WON the Corvette Challenge Series Championship @ Englishtown NJ today! WON the event today & clinched the Series Championship! Also set the series record with 4 event wins this season in the...
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    BIG day for me....!!!!

    BIG day for me yesterday!!.. WON the big $$$ in the GM EFI 11.50 Index race at Atco Raceway, AND was also runner up in the big $$ Bracket Race Shootout Final$..!!!!!! Wow!! Cold weather, great...
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    Dialed in pretty good..

    Weather Station Predicts & I run it dead on to the 1/1000th!
    63.5% WOT this night.. Just bracket racing.. no 11.50 index, so no need to "take some out".. hahaha!
  4. WON Modern Muscle Series Track Championship @ Englishtown NJ

    Today I was able to clinch the Modern Muscle Series for my 1st ever bracket track championship!!!

    I also was a finalist in the Corvette Challenge but fell a little short and settled for runner...
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    ANother BIG WIN @ Englishtown (NJ)

    WON the Modern Muscle event @ Englishtown (NJ) 7/27/13, the largest class that day!

    Was running a balmy 67.5% WOT position in the scorching summer heat to run my usual 11.50.

    Big props to EFI...
  6. WON Corvette Challenge 11.50 Index CHAMPIONSHIP> 3rd straight!!!!!

    Thanks again to EFI Live I was able to take my 3rd consecutive Corvette Challenge 11.50 Index Series Championship...!!!

    This is actually 5 straight 11.50 Index series Championships going back to...
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    I want the world to know just how spot on my car...

    I want the world to know just how spot on my car is thanks to EFI Live!

    When I was ridiculed about wanting to slow my car down & make adjustments with WOT on the HP Tuner forum, I turned to EFI...
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    EFI LIVE comes thru again for me!!!!!

    Opening day of the Corvette Challenge points series, EFI LIVE does the trick, letting me tune my car perfectly & took a DOUBLE WIN in both the Brackets & the 11.50 Index races at Englishtown NJ...
  9. You can't make this up.. WON the Corvette Challenge 11.50 Index 2011...!!!!

    Well thanks to EFI live I won my 2nd 11.50 Index Series in 2011, this time in the all Corvette Challenge at Englishtown NJ.
    In 2010 I also won this series & also the Fri Night Index series!

  10. I'll pull some vids & post them.. Here is 1 quick...

    I'll pull some vids & post them.. Here is 1 quick pic someone posted on Facebook of my car.
  11. WON 2011 11.50 Track CHAMPIONSHIP! @ Englishtown NJ

    My 2nd straight series title!!!! And 3rd 11.50 Track Championship overall since I started using EFI Live last year. (won 2 11.50 Championships in 2010!!)

    There is NO doubt that EFI Live works & is...
  12. Thread: Nuff said!`

    by YO-EL

    Nuff said!`

    ANOTHER 11.50 Index WIN! Thanks to EFI LIVE!!!!!!
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    2 more event wins at Englishtown!!

    Took the first Friday Night Index race a few weeks ago & won my 2nd of 3 events last night! Finals all 3 times in 11.50 Index, so last night's win made up for last events small blip..

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    2 more BIG WINS!!!!!

    Yep, last 2 weeks in a row, scored 2 big event wins..

    First was the big Import vs Domestic Street Wars 11.50 & 2nd was the Corvette Challenge Pro 11.50 Index races!!!!

    EFI Live affords me the...
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    WON my 2nd Track Championship!!!!

    Today I won the Corvette Challenge 11.50 Index Series Championship!!!!!
    Again a big thanks to EFI Live!!!

    I was 21 points down & in 2nd place going into the 10th & final race today..
    Rounds are...
  16. No problem bro.. Tuning my car to run the # is...

    No problem bro..
    Tuning my car to run the # is essential in Index racing!
    Lots of guys do it, but trust me, only the successful ones do it with EFI Live!!!!!
  17. First of all, I don't sandbag my car, I run it...

    First of all, I don't sandbag my car, I run it full out..

    I tune it with Max ETC table .

    EFI LIVE is the BEST!

    My car can run 10.35 @ 100%, 11.50 @ 60%, I even WON the Summer Show n GO 12.50...
  18. Won the 11.50 Track Championship thanks to EFI Live!!!!!

    At Englishtown NJ, I won their Friday night 11.50 Index series!

    Well, thanks to EFI LIVE, I WON the 11.50 Index CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!
    Was running at 60% WOT on Friday night..!

    I am also in 2nd...
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