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Thread: VY Series 2 V8

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    Default VY Series 2 V8

    Is there a XML or whatever it is for an Australian Holden VY Series 2 5.7L V8?

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    No, the 5.7 liter is a GenIII engine with an LS1 OBDII controller. That is not compatible with EFILive V4 which is ALDL (i.e. OBDI).

    You need to use EFILive FLashScan (V1 or V2) to scan/tune that engine.

    Note: There may be some information that you can scan using EFILive V4. A long time ago, I played around with getting ALDL information out of the VT series II (which is the same engine/controller package as the VY). See gmh-vt8-ls1.xml, although it is very basic and does not contain any useful data.

    Before asking for help, please read this.

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