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Thread: Cadillac vats ?

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    Default Cadillac vats ?

    We have a 99 Deville and the VATS has lost memory and its now in theft mode, I was going to try a VATS relink but it says the PCM is locked, I know I ran into something like this before and it had a default password of $$$$ or something like that but I can't remember and I search didn't find anything.

    Any help appreciated.

    2001 Z06, G5X3 cam, AFR heads, LG long tubes.

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    Jamie, can't help you there I'm afraid.
    Each controller uses a specific VATS relink process, the software does not support doing a VATS relink for the older Cadillac ECM's.

    There is a user on this forum by the name of Cal Editor, he plays around with the older Northstar PCM's, you might want to PM him to get an idea on what to do from this point.


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