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Thread: Need tune for 2001 Camero LS1

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    Default Need tune for 2001 Camero LS1

    I have a buddy that just bought a 2001 Camero LS1 and he wants me to tune it with my EFILive. I have very little experience with EFILive, and what experience I do have is with diesels, so does anyone have a high HP tune for this car or can anyone point me in the direction to get started? Thanks for your help!

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    2001 Camaro auto & manual tunes here:

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    Does he have a Wideband O2 in there? If so, running through the AutoVE tune isn't that hard, especially with the good write-up that comes with EFILive ... just follow the steps, and you should quickly arrive at a decent BEN setup ...
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