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Thread: pcm swap any 411 will work?

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    Default pcm swap any 411 will work?

    when swaping in a 411 pcm for my black box any pcm with the last three digits of 411 will work correct? what should i use for the base tune file? anexpress van with cable throttle and a 4l80e trans. that and where do i get the pin connectors needed to make this work?


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    Any 12200411 PCM will work. It doesn't matter what it comes out of,you will be tuning it anyway. You should be able to get the two 80 pin connectors with a few inches of wire on them at a U-Pull type of junkyard. You only need a few of the pin terminals to do the swap. You want the connectors with the Blue and Red plastic pieces on them. The 2002 Chevy Express Van seems to be the most popular tune file to start with. Remember the truck will not run until you disable V.A.T.S. from the tune or do the V.A.T.S. Relink procedure---Which I have never done.

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