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Thread: usb driver problem! please help

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    Default usb driver problem! please help

    hey guys... i just pickup up an efi live v2 and installed the software off of the website. when i open the software i get the usb driver update error. I HAVE READ THE STICKY and i am trying to correct the problem using the right up on the sticky... my question is where can i download the drivers... i can't find them on the website... am i just blind and over looking them? Help would be greatly appreciated!

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    The drivers are in C:\Program Files\EFILive\Drivers
    512k RoadRunner Firmware 12.14R
    FlashScan V2 Bootblock V2.07.04 Firmware V2.07.22 EFILive V7.5.7 (Build 191) V8.2.1 (Build 181)
    LC-1 WBO2


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