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    Default defuel question

    I am wanting to remove the defuels off of my tranny which tables do i change? I also want to make some adjustments to my tranny do you have any recomendations on what to adjust?

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    Did you get the stock OS you looking for over at Diesel Place forums?
    Anyways not sure what you are planning or have done to your truck. If say stock Allison and drive train and throwing high HP tune to the Duramax then I would not remove defuel. Also not knowing what you have do you have a lift pump installed. Reason is you may be running low on the fuel rail depending on what you are doing. Might want to post this over at Diesel Place too for a better responce under the EFILive section of the forum. Include truck details like year, engine, mileage, cab/bed and mods in your sig. Describe what you want to do and then others can help too in pointing to what would be good options without destroying the Allison without knowing what mods have been done to this truck.


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