Hi Guys,

New here I'll be purchasing EFLive in the future. Long Story.

Right now I need some help to see rather or not I am getting jerked around by my tuner shop.

I have a 2005 Silverado with a Radix Supercharger. All was well until I needed the newly build transmission tweaked. The shifts were taking too long.

My tuner went in with EFLive and did his thing and now I have serious spark knock. It rattles like crazy when rolling the throttle on at highway speeds up to a downshift.
I was told after a re flash the tune would need to relearn things and to drive a day or two.
Sheesh! This did not happen after the Dyno tune. It ran great right out the door.

The spark knock is horrid. My AFR's went rich. The richest I was getting was 11.2 @ WOT and now I get 10.5. I never got into the 10's before. My PLX displays rch!

Is there any merit to the relearning thing or is is lazyness?