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Thread: Serious problem with TCM flash

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    Default Serious problem with TCM flash

    I'm working on an early 04 (LB7) and was just raising the torque limits on the TCM. I pulled the stock info, but it would not pull it out in high speed. It pulled just fine without using the the high speed. After i made my changes, i tried to flash (not full flash) and it would not take the tune. It would go for a little bit and then the dash would ding at me and the tune would stop. After one time, it lost the VIN and told me it required a full flash.

    It will not work at all in high speed and will not take any of the flashes. I have unplugged everything i can think of. The aftermarket alarm, radio, turned off lights, shut doors, unplugged the ECM, and so on.

    I AM TOTALLY STUCK RIGHT NOW.... The customer is having to get a ride right now. Any help would be great guys. I've never heard or seen this problem at all.

    I am using 7.5.5 build 88 and i tried to update the firmware also (2.4.72). Any ideas?

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    Alright.... the truck was causing the issues. There was some electrical issues on the truck that i still can't find. I took it over to a friends house, put it in his 03 truck and it worked perfectly. Go figure.

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