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Thread: Thought for future V2 revisions or V3

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    Default Thought for future V2 revisions or V3

    Travelling from MO to NY, I was doing some logging and when having an inverter and 12v cooler plugged into the same 10A circuit caused it to pop , thus dumping my log, I had a thought; For future V2 hardware revisions (If such a thing would happen) or a V3 if/when that comes to be, how about adding some kind of battery with ONE function: To allow data being logged to be committed to memory and closed properly if power should fail while logging. The other possibility (maybe) would be a firmware mod that would commit logs to memory immediately, thus if power failed, little or nothing would be lost.

    Just a thought.

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    There won't be a hardware change for V2.
    It could possibly be cured in firmware, like a file recovery on the PC, find a 'broken' log file and recover what you can. I might be putting my foot in it here too, Paul is the one who could really answer this.
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    If you were logging to SD card it could be worth mounting the SD card file system on a windows PC and running some sort of FAT32 file system verification/correction software, like chkdsk.

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