Hi guys,
I have a cable (USB connection) for my car (Aussie VX V6 Series 2 commodore) that works fine. I can see DTC codes, the gauges work etc.. All seems great.
To do this I have had to make a change (VX XML file with $F7 as the ID in the macro) as outlined in this thread: http://forum.efilive.com/showthread.php?t=7898 to get it working.

But, the problem is, if I am stationary or driving and make it go over roughly 3000rpm it stops logging, the lights (engine/airbag) go out on the dashboard (as they are on when logging) and thats it.
I have to manually start the logging again and then it will do it again if I go >3000~rpm.
I can drive around for ages and it will work if I keep it below this.
I cant work out why it might be doing this? Too much info on the USB cable or what??

I was going to try the vy6 ( but thought I would ask for any other issues first?