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Thread: LMM defuel

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    Default LMM defuel

    This has been talked about one other forums before with no solution. This is for sled pullers with the LMM. How do you get the defuel right for smooth shifting??? I haven't talked to one person yet that has this figured out. It doesn't matter if you have a built trans or not, they shift like crap in 4lo with a sled hooked behide you. It feels like the truck is going to break inhalf. It doesn't matter who's tune I use they all react the same. Anyone with a LMM, that pulls, have smooth shifting tune? Is there something missing in EFI Live, like the low range rev limiter issue in the past? Any help?


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    Are you adjusting your ECM or TCM tune?
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    are you logging the shifts? Post it here.
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