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Thread: Got the aem w02 pid working but ben has error message

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    Default Got the aem w02 pid working but ben has error message

    Im trying to use the autove but my ben is saying its vlaid but the following error will occur: pid value cannot be determined because divide by zero. what the hell does that mean and how do i fix it? any ideas?

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    Post your log file.

    Which software build version do you have...?

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    The BEN factors are calculated by dividing the actual AFR by the commanded AFR.
    If the commanded AFR is 0 then the BEN factor cannot be computed because a divide by zero error would occur. You can't divide any number by zero, the result is undefined.

    The reasons the commanded AFR could be zero are:
    1. You have no logged data in the Scan Tool software (try logging some data or loading a log file).
    2. The commanded AFR is actually zero - although that is unlikely.

    Before asking for help, please read this.

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    It may need to be reformatted,
    post the sections of the calc.pids.txt it is on.
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