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Thread: E38 Cooling fans question

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    Default E38 Cooling fans question

    I am familiar with C5 ecm and cooling fans settings. With the E38, I am a bit confused with fan settings. G0901 shows fan power increasing as ect rise maxing out @ 89.9%

    (G0922) 266.000000 Fan after run hi temp upper
    (G0923) 262.400000 Fan after run hi temp lower
    (G0924) 235.400000 Fan after run temp upper
    (G0925) 235.400000 Fan after run temp lower
    (0926) 30.000000 Fan after run max time

    With fans coming online @ 199*, not sure I understand how fans works with above tables/
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    You need to play with table G0901.
    Depending on your fan types (normal on/off or PWM) this will control either the fan relay switching temps or the speed of the fans.

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    Can I assume the low fan comes on @ 199* and ramps up per the table? At some point, fan #2 will come on line or do both fans come online together increasing power as temps rise?
    2015 Z06 A8

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