I am curious regarding programming in general, but I thought it best to ask here since the question will focus on my new SS Camaro. I would like to build a shortblock with forged internals, a cam, new injectors, new MAP (if needed), and then throw some boost via a homemade turbo kit. Then swap everything else out with what I currently have stock with the car. The computer will be stock initially, but will need tweaked for the new parameters. I know before starting that I can adjust the program for the fuel injectors, MAP (if needed), and engine size, and then reflash, but who knows what the VE tables and such will be beyond that.

My questions is mainly in regards to harming the engine. I will need to start it up to log some data in order to tweak the program to do what it needs to do. Will the engine start since it has been drastically changed? Is the computer smart enough to do what it needs to do to run and be safe in order for me to log data? I don't expect it to run well, but it needs to run safely. If it won;t start, then I cannot tune.

Also, what boost can I run on a stock SS without requiring a different MAP? Is it a 1 bar?

Another quick question regarding how "smart" the computer is...is it capable of having minor mods done to it such as exhaust and intake upgrades and it relearn and tweak it's trims to the point that it is running properly over time without reprogramming? Thus, is reprogramming just a quicker route? It seems from what I have read that the computer learns well.

Thanks for the help. I am new.