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Thread: clear DTC P0532

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    Default clear DTC P0532

    I have built a buggy with a LBZ in it. I do not have A/C. Using EFI, on table 6001, I changed P0532 to "not report" and I still get the code error of low pressure reporting. I also get P2510. Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Roger
    2007 Alalanche SS buggy, LBZ w/EFI from McRat, Mike L. highly moddified trans,, 4-spd treansfer, 2-1/2 ton Rockwell axles, 16R20 tires (53"OD)

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    When I removed my AC I get the same code stored. It doesn't throw the CEL and I don't think it will hurt anything that I know of.

    What is P2510?
    2007 2wd RCLB LBZ w/6spd Alli
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