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Thread: do i have a bad computer?

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    Default do i have a bad computer?

    i installed a battery disconnect last thursday.on friday i go to start my car and
    nothing. i checked the wiring on the painless wiring remote disconnect to find
    i must have hooked it up backwards,instead of being closed and then when i throw the switch open it was backwards and it was drawing power to stay closed killing the battery.this weekend i put a new battery in it and took out the switch. i go to start it
    and it runs for two or three seconds fine then it wants to slowly die. its getting
    plenty of fuel because i smell it. ive tryied to do a full reflash to no eval.
    i also tryied a hard reboot nothing. im so lost.the coils are good checked em
    checked the ect,iat,tps,iac,map, all seem good

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    oh ya its a roadrunner

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    Hi Chris,

    I'm not sure if this is PCM/Roadrunner related, but if it is, I'd certainly be happy to have a look.

    Does the PCM communicate with the EFI Live FlashScan cable? Are you able to establish connection via OBD2?

    Feel free to follow up with me offline or give me a call at 225-341-3547 if you need help troubleshooting.


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    Did you change anything in the tune?
    512k RoadRunner Firmware 12.14R
    FlashScan V2 Bootblock V2.07.04 Firmware V2.07.22 EFILive V7.5.7 (Build 191) V8.2.1 (Build 181)
    LC-1 WBO2


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