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Thread: Trying to do automaf

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    Default Trying to do automaf

    Im a extreme newbie when it comes to tuning. I have recently posted a problem I have encountered with the maf. I know this subject is beat to death but I cant seem to get the information. I will post my current tune and log and want you guys to give me your opinion. I wanted to try and learn a little along the way while Justin walked through several tunes with me. He is great but I really would like to atleast learn how to tune my own vehicle. I want to set up my tune so that i can do auto maf but the BENs and all are way above my head. Please look and tell me what you think.
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    Commanded AFR is not being logged so BEN will not be valid.
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    Thanks im reading the tutorial right now on how to set up to log for the maf and auto ve. I have not done anything except send this stuff to justin but now i am trying to learn how to do auto maf myself.

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    Same as AutoVE, but with these differences:
    - MAF enabled,
    - B0120 set to 400 rpm or less,
    - BEN map is same as B5001,
    - do not bump up B0101.

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