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Thread: ABS/Brake warning light

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    Default ABS/Brake warning light

    A guy I know has an 07 Silverado with an E38 ECM. He did some work to it (supercharger, swapped rear axles). He bought a tune for it for the supercharger, and now it is throwing an ABS light. He called me to see if I could recalibrate it for the new gears it had. I changed the gear ratio, but it was still throwing the code. I went back by this morning and drove the truck. After going approximately 1.5 miles, the light would come on. I tinkered with it and finally got the speedo reading correctly with a GPS. I drove the truck about 5 miles and got no lights. I assumed it was fixed, but I just found out he drove it about 20 miles to the next town, and the lights came on just as he was getting into the next town. What can I do to get this thing fixed? I am an idiot when it comes to the gasser ECMs. Anyone have any advice? I see there is a cell for driven wheel circumference and one for non-driven wheel circumference. I'm guessing these are what I need to change, but is there a PID I can log to see what the front wheel sensors are seeing? And how do I adjust them? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    The ECM parameters you see are for speedo correction...

    The ABS controller also needs to know the correct gear ratio and tire size...

    The ECM has no control over ABS function or ABS codes...

    You have to take the vehicle to someone who has a Tech-2 as this is the only way to edit the ABS controller.
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    Thanks for the info. I think the speedo calibrations were off a little bit even though the speedometer was showing accurately or something because I redid everything and the light hasn't been back on and the speedo is still correct. If it comes back, I'll tell him to find a Tech II.

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