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Thread: Automatic Driver Loading

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    Default Automatic Driver Loading

    I still get tech support calls from people that have trouble with the EFILive driver not automatically loading. Seems most of the calls are from people who have downloaded the software from the web site rather than installed from the EFILive disk.

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    The users that have trouble, are they running Vista? Or XP as well?
    Vista is a PITA for drivers.

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    I am going through all these driver issues again after the last update on XP. I still havent got my roadrunner going as yet.
    FWIW I was having trouble with the automatic installation & had to download from the site & manually reinstall.
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    The RoadRunner can be a little tricky as it identifies itself as a generic FTDI part, and therefore the latest drivers are pulled from Windows Update. I have found previously that if you want it to operate as a Native USB device (and not a Virtual COM Port) you have to update the driver from the 'C:\Program Files\EFILive\Drivers\EFILive\Win-2K-XP-Vista' driver location (same driver used by FlashScan).
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    Cheers Andrew.
    I will be having another go at this tonight .
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