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Thread: Help please trying to connect

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    Default Help please trying to connect

    Im trying to connect to my vs v8 5.7l commodore.It has a modified memcal.

    I have the car off , i plug in the cable, turn the program on
    i have selected the vehicle gmh-vr68vs8,i have ticked the serial 1/0.I selected the option from the left side then i hit
    f3 button then all that happens is i get a long message coming up on the right side of the screen.
    It says start writing frame
    send $f4,$57,$01,$00,$b4
    finished writing frame
    wait 10ms after writing, before reading...
    start reading frame
    aldl frame length byte:$0
    aldl frame length byte:$7
    error reply frame checksum failure
    finished reading frame
    error no echo recieved from max232
    wait 10ms after writng, before reading
    start reading frame
    com timeout: expecting frame header byte
    aborting request due to previous error
    and then it repeats the message

    Thankyou if any one can help.

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    Also when the cable is pluged in the check engine light on the car dash is flashing.

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    What type of interface cable are you using?
    Some cables require the "Max232 Echo" setting to be checked on, some cables need it checked off.
    Also, if you could copy/paste the exact text that is displayed it would be helpful.

    Before asking for help, please read this.

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