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    So I just bought my first full size chevy truck. I picked up an '07 C2500HD LT with the LB7 Duramax/Allison Six Speed. The last truck I had was an '04 F-350 with the V-10 and auto tranny. Long story short, I liked the Ford, and the power was decent since I wasn't pulling anything. Although I was glad I didn't buy one of the 6 ltr Powerstokes in my '04 (wholly crappy design/quality Batman!!), I always secretely envied the diesels. So, this time, I bucked up and made it happen. After seeing what happened with Fords 6 ltr, I couldn't stomach a Ford diesel purchase, no matter what they told me. I don't smoke dope, and that's what it would take to buy a diesel Ford IMO... although I still am a sucker for their profile, interiors, etc.

    First impressions with the '07 Duramax are, dang it pulls like a sonofagun! When you mash it - WATCHT OUT - it throws you back in your seat and doesn't let off. Any diesel that redlines at 5K is going to be impressive, but I had no idea! I can't believe the significant difference in the power between this rig and my '04 Ford V-10.

    I also couldn't believe the smooth ride on this 2500. My Ford was a 1 Ton and I expected the 2500 would ride smoother, but wholly cow, the ride is significantly better than Dodge or Ford 3/4 ton rigs I've driven. This truck's ride is very close to being in a (1/2 ton) Tundra, and very quiet too.

    Next thing, I learned a little more about diesels -- that is, how friggin' much maintenance costs on these engines. I bought an air filter at WalMart, thinking I was going to dupe the dealer and save some bucks. It was 70 bucks! It blew me away. I heard oil changes are going to cost much more, but I had no idea those increased costs were all around. BTW -- anyone recommend an after market cold intake/K and N/ etc. for the Duramax?

    Next, I gotta tell you, I'm kinda pissed off from the get go with Chevy's design folks. The radio has some backlit buttons that are not lit or they're burned out. So, I figure, no problem, I'll just pick some LED's up at Shucks and pop em in. Well, I come to find out that the dealer has to replace the entire radio/CD player to fix these damn little LED's lights. Excuse my abbreviated French, but WTF??? That is insane and a major rip-off. I'm writing a letter to GM (maybe I should bypass the middlemen and send it directly to Obama, ha ha).

    Overall, I'm glad I picked this rig up, and am sure I'll get alot of use out of it. The ride and power are awesome. I need to tweek some things here and there, and pick up some exterior badging that's messed up right now (any clues on good grills/chrome emblem websites?). I'll search the forum too.

    Anway, thanks for reading my intro. I hope to learn alot, and me and the Old Lady and our Rotties come to love my chevy truck even more. Being a convert from Ford, I'm very entusiastic right now, aside from some minor issues that I've gotten off my chest above.


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    Welcome from Seattle and Spokane here!

    BTW, you have an LBZ or an LMM in an 07 Dmax, the LB7 was in the 01-04 trucks. I just helped a member on here (Olympic Fox) install a 5 position switch and tune on his 05 LLY/5speed Alli. Have to get used to the GM quirks, I guarantee you had them with your Ford, same goes for GM. Sometimes I take a step back and think really GM, I mean really? That is such a stupid design...but Ive said it about Dodge and Ford many times as well.

    If you're good with soldering you can fix the LEDs, just have to crack the radio apart. But Im willing to bet its still in warranty, make the dealer replace it. Already on my 2nd Nav HU in my 08 SS, had it less than 8mo when someone put a CD in over the Nav disk and messed it up. But the eject mechanism was faulty the whole time Ive had it, never got around to replacing it until I couldnt use the Nav.

    Im not too good on aftermarket parts on the Dmaxes but I know Diesel Place has some good ideas and Im sure you can find everything you're looking for. Just depends on how much $$$ you want to throw at it. As for the badges, why pay to replace them just get a heatgun (or hairdryer, slower but still works) and remove all the badges...done it to both of my trucks.
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    Thanks for the reply and correction on the version of the engine, it saves me from sounding overly ignorant.

    I'll take a look at the LED lights in the unit, it can't hurt to rip it apart and try. I saw a replacement radio on ebay for around 100 bucks, but I've read that the dealer needs to input the VIN into it to get new radios to work (that's crap). Regarding the air filter, lo and behold, I found a K/N in the airbox when I went to replace it - bonus.
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