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Thread: EFI live in Ubuntu/linux

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    Default EFI live in Ubuntu/linux

    Does anybody use EFI in Ubuntu/linux operating systems?

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    Did you look here?
    EFILive on Linux
    512k RoadRunner Firmware 12.14R
    FlashScan V2 Bootblock V2.07.04 Firmware V2.07.22 EFILive V7.5.7 (Build 191) V8.2.1 (Build 181)
    LC-1 WBO2


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    I personally run openSUSE (my main OS) , Fedora , Puppy , or DSL sometimes Knoppix , but mainly openSUSE , Puppy .
    I stay away from Ubuntu (Microsoft of Linux) , it never works for me , have tried it 4 or 5 times now and something always screws up , like the newest 9.10 loads but can't set up my CDMA device (and no I don't want or care to try and figure out why , there are several different distros that just work), something any other distro does without any problem , heck Fedora 12 you just select your provider and off you go .
    2005 1500 HD , Custom OS3 SD tune .
    2006 Trailblazer
    Dinosaurs and Plants gave their lives so that we may drive , long live fossil fuel .

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