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Thread: efilive v2 vs hptuners

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    Default efilive v2 vs hptuners

    just need some info from the experts

    i instruct automotive at a college in canada . in my program we do gen 6 and 7accell ,holley and ebl tuning and it really works out good for the top students as now we do a lot of the local hotrod and specialty installs and tuning but now its time to upgrade to more current systems including diesels

    efilive is 799. with 2 credits hp tuners is 650. less 20% = 520. with educational discount
    i have never used either one and would like to know which one is more user freindly and would be more long term and maybe better for a learning enviroment as from what i see from reading is there very close but one is three hundred cheaper

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    Hi mellor, welcome to the forum...
    Ok, we're all pretty much biased here... ...but, in seriousness, don't let the cost sway you.

    EFILive FlashScan V2 comes with 2 licenses... each license allows you to flash 1 PCM, or 1 ECM/TCM pair.

    You can try the actual EFILive software, download and install V7.5 from >here<

    (without the FSV2 hardware/cable, the software still lets you view log files and view/edit tune files (you obviously won't be able to scan, log or flash)).

    (V8 software is for doing Black Box Logging, and soon Black Box Flashing... BB means "standalone without laptop at vehicle"... i.e. you move V2 from PC to vehicle and back again).
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    Hi and welcome Mellor,

    Asking that question here will get some very one sided answers. What I can do is tell you why I went for EFILive over HPT when I got in to tuning.

    Firstly, I'm a "Self Tuner" not a shop. So the commercial aspects of the 2 brands never really came into it. When looking at the 2 products, I felt that the over all package of both were quite similar in "technical terms". They both provided the ability to tune the engine and transmission of various cars and the end results are similar.

    • at the time I was looking I needed support for the, then new, E38 controller. At that time EFILive had better support for the E38 so it was very high on the list.
    • looking at the license format, I struggled to understand the HPT method. With EFILive, once a vehicle is licensed, you can tune it any way you want. The way I see HPT, is that you need to re-license for every "type" of tune you do. For example...
      • Update the stock tune = license fee
      • Change to a MAFless tune = more license fees
      • Change to a custom OS = more license fees
      • Change back to the stock tune = yet more license fees
      When checking the costs involved, the EFILive license format worked out much cheaper. Especially if you wanted to "build up" a project a step at a time, or if you wanted to test something by flashing in a stock tune.
    • The support given from this forum is also excellent. Many members are very willing to help and open discussion is encouraged.
    • The support from the EFILive team is also excellent. They supply additional calibrations for new vehicles very quickly and are very active in this forum.
    • When I got started I had a good friend who had been using EFILive and he offered to help out with the steep learning curve.

    I know a few guys that use both EFILive and HPT, and all prefer EFILive for the bulk of their tuning. For someone that already has an excellent grounding in mechanics and really understands distributors and carbies, it will not be too hard to move into tuning the computer. I know I still think in "mechanical" terms and then convert to the computer.


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    The FlashScan V2 interface is considerably more featured than the competitions product:
    - 4 x 0-5 volt inputs for wideband controllers and other sensor inputs
    - Support for supported serially attached wideband controllers (more accurate)
    - Dominant in the Duramax market with our DSP custom operating systems
    - Licensing not tied to vehicle make or year - a VIN license can be used to tune any supported vehicle

    But, I am even more biased than Joe

    Definitely do download and install the software fro the link in Joe's post. Then you can have a look at the software for yourself. The link in my sig has some stock tunes you can have a look through as well.

    The other invaluable difference I believe is the very active any helpful EFILive customer base on this forum (thanks everyone).

    EFILive Crew

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    Andrew/Tordne mentions serial wideband...

    This allows V2 to obtain the AFR/EQR/Lambda from the wideband vis RS232 serial/digitial comms... this eliminates any voltage offset errors usually found with analog wideband connections... most of the popular widebands are supported.

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    Not another one of these threads.

    Get both buy buy pptuners used.
    512k RoadRunner Firmware 12.14R
    FlashScan V2 Bootblock V2.07.04 Firmware V2.07.22 EFILive V7.5.7 (Build 191) V8.2.1 (Build 181)
    LC-1 WBO2


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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.prick View Post
    Not another one of these threads.

    Get both buy buy pptuners used.
    2008 2WD Ext.Cab Silverado 1500 6.0 V-MAX E38(L76) & T42(4L70E) MAF Only CL Corvette Servo AFE CAI INNOVATIVE LM-2 WBO2


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    I have both so I'm a little less biased. But EFI LIVE still wins hands down. The HPT way of doing things is a little simpler at initial face value. Especially when it comes to applying custom operating systems. But its hardly rocket science doing it in EFI LIVE and process to do it is clearly documented in EFI LIVE's tutorials.

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    Of course EFI live runs circles around the other guys.
    Everybody knows that.

    Download the demo and see for yourself.

    99 Firebird Formula, M6, LS6 intake, headers, catback, lid, BRE cam.

    EFI V2, V7.5.5 (Build 149)
    V8.1.2 (Build 142)
    Boot Block 2.07.01 Oct 14, 2010
    Firmware 2.07.05 Jan 29, 2011
    LC-1 with serial cable
    COS 5

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    Hey, I am just a regular guy. This is just a hobby for me, so there is no business interests in my comments (no inference implied).

    I have never owned HP Tuners.

    What I will say is that I believe that tuning with any sophisticated tuning software can be moderately difficult at times. Especially for beginners. There have been a few spirited discussions concerning the perceived 'need' for additional resources on how to actually tune..and whether any tuning software suite should even attempt to publish that. I am sure the same debate occurs no matter who develops the software.

    But, here is what I will say. This forum has some very smart people who are very willing to help. That counts for a lot.

    Like others, I have also utilized the serial output via the wideband and also purchased the RoadRunner PCM (more for convenience, than necessity). Since you have a background in this subject, you can obviously weigh all the differing advantages and constraints. I can certainly understand the financial considerations in todays world.

    Just thought I would add a review from a regular non-shop, hobby-type guy.
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    EFILive Closed-Loop MAF/SD Hybrid Tune..

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