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    I'm a newbie on here researching tuning/monitor tools. One thing I was wondering is are you required to buy a Flashscan to perform these tasks or do they have just a OBDII/USB Cable that lets you hookup your PC to your ECM and use software DL'd off here (or purchased off the EFILive website) to tune/scan your engine? Any help would be appreciated since I am a LITERAL babe in the woods on this computer tuning stuff.

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    It must be a FlashScan cable to use EFILive V7 and V8 (what you use to tune OBDII vehicles). No other interfaces will interact with the EFILive software.

    For older OBDI vehicles, there is a list of supported hardware to use with EFILive V4.
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    Welcome to the forum...

    What vehicle(s) do you have.

    The software is free.

    You have to buy the EFILive cable/hardware.

    The hardware provides various the USB-VPW/CAN interface/translation and other features that a generic OBD-II cable cannot provide.

    Also note, tuning requires much reading/learning/patience... unless you're prepared with knowledge ahead of time, tuning can turn out disasterous... those who prepare themselves are rewarded with good results (power/response/driveability)... some people thrive with those challenges while for other people it may not be their cup of tea.

    Goto to download/install the actual software (it comes with sample logs and tunes from real vehicles, you can view/edit these to play with).

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    Thanks for the info, guys. I own a 2008 Corvette C-6 w/LS3. Appreciate the help.

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