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Thread: 2010 Calibrated Success Class Schedule

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    Default 2010 Calibrated Success Class Schedule

    I'll use this as a placeholder for 2010 classes. These are live classes where YOU, the student, does the actual tuning on a real car on a real load bearing dyno. So far I have courses planned for:

    Mar 27-28 Advanced GM at Vortech, Oxnard CA (register through me)
    Apr 17-18 Advanced Ford at Redline Motorsports, Albany NY (register through me)
    Jul 17-18 Advanced GM at Motor City Speed, Detroit MI (register through me)
    Sep 18-19 Advanced GM at Next Level Performance, Orlando FL (register through me)

    Remember that (per my FAQ) anyone who bought the "GM Beginner's Guide" DVD from Summit is eligible for a $250 credit toward the Advanced GM Classes. If you don't already have the DVD, I'll make sure you get one with your paid registration for the Advanced GM tuning class.

    I'll be adding a few basic courses as well. Most likely sometime in the summer in Cleveland (Mustang Dyno) and fall in New Hampshire (Land & Sea Dyno).

    There may be a few other locations tied to other clients, but these are the completely open public sessions that anyone can attend with any software. As usual, let me know if you have questions.
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