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    During my recent upgrade to DSP 5 (works great btw), I have noticed that my older tunes used to be roughly 800k and in the newer full flash compatible versions of EFI the tunes are now being saved as roughly 1.4Mb. Is this due to the extra space created for full flashing?

    The reason I ask is that I haven't read anything from my ECM since prior to the time when full flashing was enabled (07 actually) and I was able to full flash back my DSP tune. Am I missing something here? I am hoping that I didn't completely loose my factory full flash by not rereading using a later version of EFI.
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    No you read your tune fine. Your just not gonna read a DSP5 tune off the ECM. Not sure on the Delphi ECMs but from a post i seen here or other site mentions on Boasch that some of the memory space used is writable only. Not readable.

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