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    Default Script help!

    So from what I understand I can convert a tune from one O/S to mine by creating a script. I have found a step by step tutorial on this.

    I have followed the steps and when I attempt to load the alternate calibration a warning pops up that basically says that the two operating systems do not match and No comparison will be attempted... Any help would be appreciated.

    P.S. The two tunes I'm working with are both for an LLY just a differant O/S

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    Can you make your script first by running the same OS on both to make it?
    I'm wondering if you can make a script on the regular OS between stock ECM and the Tune file, then go into a DSP5 OS and utilize that script??

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    Eric, you will need a "stock" tune opened first, and the "modified" tune opened for comparision. Must be same OS. Create script. That creates the changes to make.

    In a new window, open the new OS "stock" file.

    If you need a stock file of the new OS, email me.
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