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    Ok guys, I just updated all of my V2's boot blocks and firmware, and now it seems that the order of the buttons is all messed up. the arows don't seem to work, I cannot navigate the menus using the arows anymore...and it seems as if some of the buttons are behaving like hot keys or shortcuts.

    The "No/4" key is behaving like the up arrow, and the "power/0" key is behaving like the down arrow and the laft arrow key is behaving like the "ok" key. The function keys all seem to be normal (F1 through F4), as well as the cancel, backspace, and enter button.

    Please note that the unit was behaving normally untill the bootblock and firmware update.
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    Can you please indicate the firmware version you have updated to? The latest version is 2.06.24 which is part of the 7.5.6 Build 104 pre-release (
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    I seem to remember that you have to format the config space (and format the data space while you're at it) and re-copy the config files.

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