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Thread: change the operating system

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    Default change the operating system

    I have an 07.5 LMM Dmax and have gotten a tune made by a guy but he entered the OS wrong cuz I cannot load it. I am very new to efi don't know much about it but how can i change the OS to my OS from my stock tune?

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    It is one of LMM OS versions correct?
    You can do a full flash of the tune to change the OS but again is it made for the LMM?
    If you want it for your OS version you will need to do scripting. EFILive has info on scripting in the help docs on their site. You will need a stock tune of the new tunes OS to make the script then apply the script to your OS stock tune.

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    i dont see the scripting you weretalking about to change os on a program can you help with this?

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    Check this link out, it might help:

    I was written a while ago when full O.S. reflashes were not possible with '06 and newer trucks. They are now possible, but most of the information still applies. There's a link to LMM8594 in that thread. There's good information there as well.


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