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Thread: Would unlocked tunes encourage you to pay for more tunes?

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    Default Would unlocked tunes encourage you to pay for more tunes?

    Hi all,
    Just wondering about this as many tuners lock the PCM.
    I know some of us around dont like this as we feel we own the car, but now feel locked out.
    However the question is does this really hurt the tuner when someone knows what they have done or would it actually encourage more customers if this was an option.
    Im not saying in all cases as Joe Bloggs wont care if he is locked or not, but to have it as an option for say those who purchase a scantool/tuner might be a good idea.
    Let me know what you think.
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    When I didnt understand to much about tunnig i disagreed with locking PCM's now after I spent countless hours of R&D trying to beter my tunes and gaining the knowledge that i have yes I FEEL like locking em but I dont
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    I understand both sides of the argument so I am not going to say much on the subject.
    Most tuners 'should' offer to restore the PCM back to stock and unlocked if requested.

    I can see this thread turning to crap, lets keep it civil.


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    I lock all my tunes - mostly to stop GM flashing over them by using a unique operating system, if the customer has Flashscan then I give them the unlock code so they can play as required.

    If they decide to go somwhere else then I unlock it and vevert to a non custom operating system

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