I've been searching all the threads on these VVT engines trying to gather as much as I can before starting on it. I've spoken to a few tuners telling me to scrap the VVT and run an LS3 cam, but that's not an option so i've ruled out those shops.

It seems like there's still not a lot of documented builds of these engines but I know the support is out there. I've found a few places to deal with that are confident to do the harness build and initial ECM flash.

This is the basic plan: I'm keeping the displacement stock, CNC ported heads, stock L92 intake has been opened up and reworked. Still undecided on cam selection. HP goals are in the 550 range.

I'm looking for recommendations on the electronics so I only spend the money once on the hardware. Most of the VVT builds i've found are also mated to auto trans applications so I don't know what if any problems the manual configuration poses.