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Thread: Datalogged runs at the track today, I could use some direction please

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    Smile Datalogged runs at the track today, I could use some direction please

    I could use some help in resolving a few issues I've found from my data log on the track today. Vehicle is a '08 Trailblazer SS with a stock 6.0L LS2. Only mods are a cold air intake and stall and of course a tune.

    ETC Fluter at launch:
    I can't seem to get rid of this ETC flutter at the launch. This was a clean launch where I was finally able to get the truck to hook really well. I have all axle protection, tip in torque reduction, clunk reduction, wheel hop torque reduction, all set to NO in the tune. I do still have B0515 and B0517 set to yes though. I can't feel the ETC fluttering on the launch so I'm not entirely sure that the indicated problem here is in fact real. I'm suspecting B0516 may be the culprit.

    WbO2 as it transitions into PE:
    I know I have a overshoot rich spike at the launch. I know this is a fuel Dynamics issue. But, I can't seem to get my head around which tables to alter for this. I have changed B2001 from 2047.969 (stock value) to 976.000 (value that is installed now) with no real change in the rich spike. I have been trying to follow the fuel dynamics threads but get so lost in which tables do what.

    Knock retard in 2nd and 3rd gear:
    I have been having KR issues every since I've done the first revision of the tune on the truck. I was too aggressive (as I thought) with the initial tune. Since then, I was trying to lower the cells that had knock retard present in them but ended up with a really choppy spark map. It has been like this for a while on separate trips to the track. In this particular trip, I've swapped the Delco 5 heat range plug for some NGK TR6s, I put the timing tables back to bone stock (in this data log the high octane table had stock values but the high octane table was copied to the low octane table but still I had this perceived knock retard. Fuel used is ALWAYS Shell 93 octane. I cannot hear audible ping while going down the track, and I know that the LS2 knock sensors are notorious for false knock. Can you tell by these wave forms that this KR is real or a false trigger? What tables and or how do I go about desensitizing the knock sensors?

    I have the tune file I can send out via PM to anyone willing to help. I'm just not comfortable in posting the tune file in public.
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