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Thread: Late 2007 - Early 2008 Silverado 6.0 SD Tune Question

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    Default Late 2007 - Early 2008 Silverado 6.0 SD Tune Question

    Hey All,

    I have a customer with a late 2007 Silveardo 6.0 4x4 new body style truck. Basically an early 2008 with an E38 ECM. It is supercharged.

    I use HPT ( I know, shoot me now ) so that is why I ask the questions.

    The first question is can you set this up as an SD tune and calculate the virtual VE with EFI Live as you can with HPT? Crazy calculations but can be done. I would imagine you can as with any other vehicle in disabling the MAF and such and then calculate the VE.

    Next question, is there a COS available for the E38 2007 trucks to go to SD via EFI Live, and if so, does it swap over to a "normal" VE table?

    Last question, is there a 2 or 2.5 Bar COS for this truck via EFI Live?

    Perhaps some or all of these answers can not be made without having a file read and unfortunately I can not get one at this time.

    My customer e-mailed EFI Live tech (??) and could not get a definitive answer.

    Thanks for any help.

    Mike Norris
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