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Thread: E38 Flex Fuel: On the fly timing and fueling - anyone interested?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmh308 View Post
    Wow 46,000+ views - the second most popular non-sticky thread on the forum. :O . I see some folks even built businesses out of the EFILive Flex Fuel information on here.

    Anyway, back to the question from LSJuan. From memory I got a "U" build kit - frequency generator - from an electronics shop (Altronics in Australia), and built it. USD$50. A microprocessor controller like a Teensy can also do it, "just" takes some C programming. And circuit design to drive the FF pin.

    Trust that makes sense.
    Interesting doesn’t sound to complicated! Is there a write up on how to build this generator? I don’t have any experience on circuit boards and what not.

    Did you use a knob to adjust frequency on the fly? Like a dsp5 Switch?
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