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Thread: Service brake system w/ABS light and Parking Light on

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    Exclamation Service brake system w/ABS light and Parking Light on

    I have a 08 GMC duramax LMM. I just installed the EFI live. We were sent a new ECM because the software messed mine up some how and the truck wouldnt start. So they sent use one already with the tune installed and ready to go. I was very impressed with the difference but after driving it im having issues with the service brake system with abs light and parking brake on with chime. If i turn truck off it takes about thirty seconds and its back on. I cleared the codes but after a 30 mins of driving the lights were back on. The codes start with ECM and one is 2690. What could my problem be and how can i fix it. Truck has stage 3 AFE intake and 4in to 5 inch after cab exhaust with no dpf. Had Banks 6 gun stacked with quadzilla before i changed to EFI. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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    Check out this thread:

    P2690 "Injector 5 Calibration Incorrect"
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    I had some issues with a LMM I a useing EFI on. It actually killed the dome light for some reason. I reflashed the computer and it fixed it. I also have a 07.5 that it will mess with the fuel gauge ocassionally. I would try to reflash a calibration tune and see what happens from there. I know it fixed the little glitches in the two I mess with.
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    how did u re-flash your computer???? and i also went to that thread about injector calibration. I tried it twice and i could only drive 4 miles and the lights were back on. I even erased all my codes. But when it told me to change SD to Interval i never got a failed message if that helps.

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