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Thread: New E38 Computer reflash question

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    Default New E38 Computer reflash question

    We Are Replacing a E38 ECM In A 2010 Camaro, It Comes from the Factory blank and we wanted to know if we have the stock tune can we do a full reflash to it instead of towing the car to the dealership so it can be programed.

    Any thoughts?


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    The first flash still needs to be done by GM TIS/TechII.
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    Bill, also ensure the ECM Service number is exactly the same as the one in the car now.
    The Camaro comes with two E38 revisions, you can't exchange programs between them. If you use GM's TIS to program the ECM and it's not the correct one you will have a doorstop at the end.
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    LOL...thanks Paul we when ahead and let the dealer take care of it.

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